Appriss provides state-of-the-art technology and data-driven solutions that help thousands of local, state and federal agencies, insurance companies, healthcare providers, pharmacies and retailers – 24x7x365.

Appriss Public Safety Solutions


Keeping communities safe and informed is at the heart of Appriss. Our solutions automate the process of victim notification, assist with roadway safety, and provide law enforcement with key investigative tools that help them track down persons of interest.

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Appriss Risk & Compliance Solutions


Appriss’ unique data sets allow us to offer a suite of commercial solutions for risk mitigation to corporations, compliance models for retail markets and crash data for the insurance industry, allowing our customers to save money and allow for more efficient processes.

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Appriss Health Information Solutions

Health Information

Identifying potential non-regulatory compliant purchases of over the counter medicines (OTC) or prescription drugs has become imperative to retail and medical dispensers in efforts to decrease the risk of illegal purchases.

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