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Available to involved parties at the click of a button. is a revolutionary approach to making collision reports available to involved parties.

We take information sharing out of the file cabinet and into the digital age. Through a secure Internet connection, interested parties can search public records and obtain copies of crash reports. This exciting service provides value-added services to law enforcement agencies, citizens and subscribers.

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Citizen Benefits

Reports are available anytime from anywhere through a secure Internet connection. No need to go to the police station – during business hours – to obtain a report.

Time Savings
No need to stand in line and then wait – possibly for weeks – for a request to be processed.

Peace of Mind
Because adheres to Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, customers' personal information is always secure.

Law Enforcement Benefits

No Start-Up Costs provides an online report sales solution at no cost.

Decreased Operating Costs
Records administration costs are lowered by decreasing foot traffic and phone requests for report copies.

Increased Revenue
Insurance companies and law firms purchase more reports when provided with a quick, convenient and secure method.

Subscriber Benefits

More powerful searching capabilities make it a snap to find only the reports you want. Personalized queries are also available to provide the highest level of service and convenience.

Time Savings
No need to hunt down reports at various agencies because they're all available at one convenient location.

Simplified Expense Management
Credit accounts are also available to make it easy to keep track of your expenditures.

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The Appriss E-Crash System

Government agencies are always looking for innovative ways to provide services while driving down the cost of meeting citizens’ needs. Appriss specializes in providing data management products and services that greatly improve efficiency and provide higher quality data for analysis and reporting. Unique funding mechanisms (including a revenue-generating opportunity) help reduce, or even eliminate, dependency on government dollars.

The Appriss e-crash system — FREE for participating agencies — is a proven collision reporting system that handles both paper and electronic crash reports. It helps government entities eliminate backlogs, disconnected systems and inconsistent/inaccurate data, while allowing them to maintain day-current processing. It reduces the burden on staff and keeps pace with constantly changing technology. The system results in more timely and accurate crash reports, leading to improved traffic safety.

As a modular system it serves the various needs of participating law enforcement agencies and state government partners. The system can be implemented in whole or in part and in each case includes:

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Data Collection

The Appriss e-crash system improves the timeliness and accuracy of electronically collected and submitted collision information.


Enforcement of data validation rules provides consistent, accurate and timely collision information from the field.

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Management and Analysis

More timely and accurate collision information means agencies are better equipped to make crucial decisions to improve traffic safety through road improvements and enforcement programs.


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Public Distribution


Appriss' e-crash system offers a revenue-generating option for participating agencies. By making crash reports available online at, you will realize additional funding for your department.

There are also multiple delivery/payment methods to ensure consumer satisfaction.

  • Monthly Credit Accounts – Volume report and/or data purchasers have option of convenient monthly billing
  • Electronic Data Delivery – Data available for electronic delivery immediately upon classification as open record
  • Custom Extracts – Formatted to data consumer specifications
  • Real-time Web-based Query Tools – Convenient search and analysis
  • Analytical Services – Requested data searched and compiled by Appriss
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"We may be interested in roads that have high incidents of run-off-the-road highway crashes … maybe we want to add shoulders to that roadway. If we have a divided highway and people are crossing a narrow median and striking vehicles from the other direction, we can look at sideswipe other direction crashes, head-on crashes. So, the more current the data is, the more real time it is, the sooner we can address those issues."

Norm Cressman, Safety Program Manager, Georgia Dept. of Transportation


"For the police agency, when they locate these high-incident accident locations, what they’re able to do is center their patrol on those areas or increase enforcement of seat belt regulations."

Frank Rotondo, Executive Director, Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police


"The officers can enter all the information at the scene and transmit the information from the scene. They can do the narratives; they can do every part of the crash report while they're at the scene. It's so much more efficient."

Col. Steve Wagner, Chief Deputy, Hendricks County (IN) Sheriff's Office

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Learn more about how the Appriss e-crash system improves traffic safety, timeliness and accuracy of electronically collected and submitted collision information, at no cost to law enforcement agencies.