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For Law Enforcement

For criminal justice professionals, quick access to important information can make the difference between an unsolved crime and a conviction. The ability to track an individual through the criminal justice system or be alerted when a suspect or person of interest turns up in jail is critical. JusticeXchange is a secure, integrated justice solution that provides real-time access to information from thousands of agencies across the country.

Solving a case is a meticulous task. Tracking and interviewing witnesses, poring over evidence and finding the suspect can be time-consuming. Since most offenders have had numerous encounters with law enforcement, the logical place to start is jail.


JusticeXchange is an integrated justice solution that gives criminal justice professionals an instant, up-to-date database of information from thousands of agencies across the country.


Analysis Tools

Analyze relationships of suspects to other individuals, phone numbers, addresses and more with the LinkedUp tool.

Mapping Trends

MapTracker allows you to view a graphic representation of "hot spots" as well as map out crime data by classification and area.


Allows your agency to integrate data from different sources, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Web Portal

A secure Web portal ensures that the only person looking at your search data is you.

Total Investigative Tool

In addition to criminal records, the system also ties into non-criminal records such as landline/cell records, SSA death master file and more.


Set up watches to be alerted automatically when a suspect is booked into jail.

No Software to Install

Our solution is 100% Web-based, which not only means that you don't have to install software on your computer to run it, but also that you can access the system from any computer with an Internet connection.

Track PSE Purchases

Electronically track purchases of pseudoephedrine products used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Batch Searches

Searching for a large list of non-custodial parents is no problem with JusticeXchange, just upload an XML file and wait for your results.

Search. Expanded.

With JusticeXchange, you can get access to multiple criminal justice databases, booking records, warrants, photos, probation and parole records, felony and misdemeanor warrants, local jail information, departments of corrections information and more.

XML Interface

Our solution features a direct XML interface allowing query, watch and export capability.

Huge Database

Query thousands of criminal justice databases across the country at once, with access to more than 95 million booking records.


Helps your agency serve outstanding warrants, collect any outstanding fees/fines associated with warrants, and helps generate incoming revenue for your agency.


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Arkansas Absconder Located in Oklahoma

Jim Adams, parole/probation officer with the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections, was looking for a female who absconded from supervision in November 2007. She had been on probation and in Washington County Drug Court. A search in JusticeXchange revealed she was in custody on new felony charges in Oklahoma. Adams contacted Oklahoma and also the Washington County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. She is currently in custody at the Washington County Jail in Fayetteville on a $175,000 bond and is pending a probation revocation for absconding and failure to appear in Washington County Circuit Court.

"I've been an Arkansas law enforcement officer since 1980, and I wish I would have had JusticeXchange years ago. The ability to track offenders throughout the country makes my job so much easier."

- Jim Adams
Arkansas Dept. of Community Corrections

North Carolina Drug Trafficker Located in Florida

T.J. Johnson, sergeant with the Durham Police Department and liaison for DPD and federal agencies, had been looking for a suspect wanted on federal cocaine trafficking charges for more than four months. FBI Task Force officers J.R. Butler and W.M. Evans knew he had fled to Florida and was living under numerous aliases. A search in JusticeXchange revealed he was in custody in Wachula, Florida on a DWI charge. Butler was able to obtain a detainer, and the suspect was held on the outstanding drug charges. Agents in Tampa responded to the Wachula, Florida detention center and served the federal charges on the suspect. He was later returned to the Middle District of North Carolina where he entered guilty pleas and is currently awaiting sentencing.

"JusticeXchange was an excellent asset in apprehending a wanted fugitive. The search capability was instrumental in locating a drug trafficker."

- Sgt. T.J. Johnson
Durham Police Dept.
Durham, North Carolina


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