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Want to be automatically alerted via email when either a suspect you're looking for or an offender you're already watching gets booked into jail? The JusticeXchange Watch feature is an excellent tool to add to your investigative arsenal.

You don't have time to do a search every single day on one particular offender. Let JusticeXchange do the work for you. Our customizable engine keeps an eye out for your search criteria, and when it finds a match, it alerts you in real time, speeding up investigations and saving you valuable time.




Imagine the ability to quickly access offender information such as bookings, probation and parole data, sex offender records and more without leaving your desk or making countless phone calls. It's possible with JusticeXchange. Our system contains millions of booking records, probation/parole and records management data, and all of it is searchable through one interface.

Search types include Person, Vehicle, and Narrative searches, and users can even access databases including N-DEx, landline/cell records and more.





The Reports feature offers the ability to run reports on accessible data, currently incarcerated offenders, persons of interest, visitor logs and recent bookings.

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can find out information about how many agencies are submitting data within a given area, view an entire listing of incarcerated offenders by facility, find a list of suspects that an agency is looking for, or view a list of recent booking reports in 48-hour, 72-hour, or 30-day time periods in the last six months.


Additional Data
Sources Available

In addition to the millions of records made available to JusticeXchange users via the person, location and vehicle searches, we also have other national databases available for investigative purposes.

Access to these databases can be added to your JusticeXchange package to enhance and support investigations already in progress.


Data Driven Results


Updated Information

Data refreshes every hour to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information available whenever you log in.

Extensive Networks

Delivers offender data from more than 30 states, making it the most complete network of local jail data available.

Millions of Records

Contains more than 90 million booking records.

Additional Data Sources

Tie into N-DEx, Social Security Administration Death Master File, landline/cell records, OFAC Specially Designated Nationals list and more.


Monitor probationers and parolees right at your desk, and be alerted by email if they are booked into another jail.

Visitor Logs

Not only can you locate offender information, but you also have access to visitor logs to track trends or connections.

Relational Data

With the LinkedUp tool, you can now see how individuals are connected to others, family relationships, accomplices, etc.

Watch Features

Set up watches for persons of interest and be automatically alerted when that person is booked into a jail or prison system.

Comprehensive Reporting

Accessible data, currently incarcerated, persons of interest, recent bookings, visitor logs and more.

Non-Compliance Searches

Locate non-compliant sex offenders either through the watch feature or simply by searching our databases.

There's a good chance the offender is already booked in another state or district.

Integrated Systems

Integrate and search various systems in your jurisdiction, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Crime Trend Data

View incident reports in your area, and use our cutting-edge mapping feature to collect crime trend information and hot spots.

Data Types

Personal information, including name, SSN & DOB, physical characteristics, descriptions, scars, marks, tattoos, custody status, vehicle data, immigration searches and more.


Incarceration searches

"I search JusticeXchange before I attempt service on an individual, so if someone is incarcerated, I can go straight to that facility. It saves me many hours, trips, and miles. JusticeXchange is the best database that I have access to and has totally changed the way I work.”


Amanda Lusk, investigator
Prosecutor's Office
Franklin County, Washington

Hot on the trail

"JusticeXchange not only helped me locate the suspect, but it also helped me locate other agencies who have dealt with the individual in the past. Without JusticeXchange, I may have continued to always be a couple of weeks behind the suspect's whereabouts."


Detective Morgan Palmiter
Sheriff's Office
Daviess County, Kentucky



How does it work?

JusticeXchange offers the ability to integrate your existing criminal justice system into this one-stop application. While using JusticeXchange to look up data throughout the nation, you can also access other needed information without having to log in to another system. It features search capabilities for different national databases, including N-DEx, Social Security Administration Death Master File, landline and cell phone records, and more. It also allows users to search in different ways to maximize investigative power. Users can carry out a generic person search or even search by vehicle, driver's license, or keyword narrative search.


Further your investigation

"The JusticeXchange Watch feature is a very effective way to be notified of the incarceration of a person of interest when you have not yet obtained a warrant. This allows you the opportunity to further your investigation by interviewing the suspect before charging.”


Det. Lt. Jeffrey G. Jewell
University of Louisville Police
Louisville, Kentucky


Find witnesses

"JusticeXchange was instrumental in finding a key witness in a very tragic incident. Without it, I doubt we would have known the final details on this case as quickly as we did or maybe ever. The suspect was sentenced to two 11-year terms in prison and not afforded probation.”


Detective Steve Hayes
Coppell Police Department
Coppell, Texas

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Appriss is an approved partner of NIets, The International Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing Network.

IJIS Institute Member

Appriss is a sustaining member of the IJIS Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that represents industry's leading companies that collaborate with local, state, tribal, and federal agencies to provide technical assistance, training, and support services for information exchange and technology initiatives.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

NCMECAppriss provides JusticeXchange free of charge to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to help locate missing children and the people who abduct them.

Use of JusticeXchange helps the National Center fulfill part of its mission of providing technical assistance to law enforcement agencies in their efforts to locate abductors.

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Child Support Enforcement
Case Study: With JX, there's no hiding place for non-custodial parents.

U.S. Marshals
Case Study: U.S. Marshals catch dangerous fugitive with help from JusticeXchange.