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Appriss is helping our VINE® partners communicate by using the latest technology.

This smartphone app is FREE for sheriffs' offices currently providing the VINE service.

People are changing the way they receive information, spending more and more time on their mobile devices. With this app, users have easy access to an impressive list of information and features. Don't get left behind.


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App Features

Current Inmate Information

View live access to the local detention center and see the most recent bookings listed chronologically. Search by first and last name, age and gender, as well as alphabetically.

Notifications/Alerts: 24/7

Access to offender information and automated notifications of offender releases. The app also features enhanced emergency alerts directly from the sheriff's office.


Access a full list of real-time warrants (including child support), each with the ability to be shared on social media so the community can help law enforcement apprehend wanted individuals.

Sex Offenders

Displays a list of registered sex offenders in the community, including mugshots, charges and mapping of their city block.


See the latest news and press releases from the sheriff's office, including an archived list of past news articles.

Crime Tips

Report crime tips directly to the sheriff's office. This feature is also integrated throughout the warrant listings, so users may easily report a sighting of a wanted person.

In-App Calling

View a list of the sheriff's non-emergency numbers as well as the sheriff's name and photo. Users also have access to local attorneys and bail bonds services with in-app dialing and email.

Sheriff Locations

Includes a map of the sheriff's facility locations with the ability to get directions to/from those locations and add them to your contacts.

Social Media

Warn your facebook friends about recently incarcerated persons directly from the app.

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Sections and Screens

Click the images below to get a better look at each screen and learn more about what this groundbreaking app can do.


Detention CenterDetention

Users can view mugshots, names, addresses, intake and release dates, charges, and more. Users can also register for victim notification directly from the detail view of an inmate.


Detention CenterVictim

The app is fully integrated into the nationwide VINE network, giving users automated notifications regarding offender status, transfers, releases and more, all through simple in-app registration.


Detention CenterMost

The most wanted section (along with the other warrant categories) contains mugshots, names, charges, advanced searching, and the ability to report sightings and share on the user's Facebook wall.


Detention CenterEmergency

Users can be notified of missing persons, Amber Alerts, manhunts, severe weather, or other emergency situations. The user is alerted by push notifications as well as throughout the app itself.


Detention CenterSex

Registered local sex offenders are listed on the app with mugshots, names, charges, and mapping of their city block so users can keep themselves and their children safe by locating nearby offenders.


Detention CenterFacility

The app contains a map of the sheriff's office and/or detention center. It also features directions to and from the facility based on location, and users can save the sheriff's office to their contacts.