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Victim Focus

Victim Notification

24/7 access to offender information, and automated notifications, including status, transfer, release and more

Protective Order

Notifies petitioners when a protective order has been served and keeps them informed throughout the order process.

Court Processes

Automated court updates, notifications and changes for victims, advocates, court personnel and law enforcement.

Case Management

Allows multiple audiences to view, collect, and update victim and offender information and notifications.

Survey Tool

An efficient, money-saving solution that provides advocates, law enforcement, and other agency staff with automation and centralization of survey information.


Enforcement Focus

General Investigations

Investigators can turn to a single source for information about offenders, as well as access other national databases in an effort to locate an individual.

Drug Investigations

JusticeXchange now has direct access to NPLEx - The National Precursor Log Exchange - Learn more

Law Enforcement

Immediate access to offender information from thousands of agencies, giving law enforcement the ability to track a person of interest in less time.

Child Support Services

Search booking data to find non-custodial parents, or set up a watch to be notified when a person of interest shows up in jail.

Social Services

Professionals can turn to a secure database of information to find someone who may be abusing the system or illegally receiving benefits while in custody.


Buycrash Suite:
Public Information

BuyCrash.com - Public Information and Law Enforcement Reporting

Individuals can access collision reports submitted by local police, sheriffs, and state police from one location without spending hours in long lines.


eCitations is a FREE, easy-to-use, streamlined electronic system for creating, printing and transmitting criminal and
traffic citation reports directly from the field to the local courts, eliminating redundancies, and saving time and paper.


eWarrants is an easy-to-use, streamlined electronic system for authorizing, filing and serving warrants.


Authorized parties with Internet access can search public records and obtain crime reports that your agency submits electronically.


Mobile Solutions

Mobile Apps

Appriss’ new mobile app raises awareness of the sheriff’s office and its services, putting important information at the community’s fingertips .

For Sheriffs

Sheriffs can now communicate directly to their community through their very own mobile app. Appriss is helping sheriffs launch the app, which is available FREE to sheriffs’ offices that provide the VINE service.

For Citizens

Users download the app for free (currently available at the App Store and coming soon to the Android Market) and get access to an impressive list of information, including current inmate data (with photos), a list of active warrants (such as non-custodial parents and most wanted criminals) and community emergencies (Amber Alerts, escapes, etc.).