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Victim Service Solutions

Victim-centric services at every stage of the judicial system


The criminal justice process can sometimes be overwhelming or just downright confusing, especially for victims. Our suite of VINE® products and services empowers victims, law enforcement, court personnel, and other concerned citizens to stay up-to-date with criminal proceedings, court information, protective orders, restitution and more. Whether separate or used as a complete service, our victim-centric solutions are designed for a single purpose: Empowerment.

Click the tabs above to learn more about how our services can provide vital information at key points in the criminal justice process to victims, court personnel, law enforcement, advocates, and more.


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notifyAlert Types

Protective Order

  • Service of Order
  • Attempt to Serve
  • Failure to Serve
  • Expiration of Order
  • Firearm Notification


When a crime is committed, no technology can replace the services or value of law enforcement and victim advocates. Our services are meant to aid law enforcement and victim advocates in empowering victims to gain as much control over the situation as possible.

We provide law enforcement, advocates and other victim agencies with materials to help educate victims on the services we provide and how to take advantage of the information and notifications that we offer. We also have trained live operators standing by around-the-clock to answer questions and assist victims in the registration process, and a dedicated training staff to inform law enforcement and agency staff how to effectively use the VINE system and its features.


notifyAlert Types


  • Arrest
  • Transfer
  • Release
  • Bail Amount
  • Charges Pending
  • Escape


Our Victim Service Solutions are engineered to make your job easier. We understand that sometimes a suspect can be booked into a system and released only a short time later. This creates quite a demand for existing staff to manually notify victims and other involved parties that a release is taking place.

Our system automates this notification process and can alert numerous individuals simultaneously, reducing your workload and increasing your efficiency. Victims and advocates want immediate access to information regarding offenders. Provide it to them, and make your job easier in the process.

notifyAlert Types


  • Upcoming Events
  • Court Event Type
  • Court Location
  • Event Cancellation
  • Postponement
  • Final Disposition


Protective Order

  • Service of Order
  • Attempt to Serve
  • Failure to Serve
  • Expiration of Order
  • Firearm Notification


stageTrial/Court Process

For victims, court processes and procedures can be confusing. Ease their minds with automated notifications to keep them informed about upcoming hearing locations, times, court information, and more.

This Victim Service Solution is also a powerful tool that can remind court staff, personnel and law enforcement officers of upcoming court appearances. Reduce the number of "no-shows" and increase victim confidence in your judicial process with this vital service.


moduleAlert Types


  • Case Expiration Date
  • Supervising Officer
  • Supervising Office
  • Conviction Crimes
  • Hearing Date
  • Type of Hearing
  • Advance Release
  • Escape


stagePost Trial

Provide victims and agency staff with continuous access to vital information regarding offenders and their custody status. This service is available day or night, around-the-clock to provide an extra peace of mind to victims that a particular offender is in custody.


moduleAlert Types


  • Supervision Status
  • Supervision Release
  • Supervision Changes
  • Violation Hearing
  • Abscond
  • Capture
  • Revocation
  • Restitution



Days, months and years can pass between an offender's incarceration and release. Be sure that victims in your communities are informed immediately when an offender is released back into the public.

Supervising officers can also be informed if a parolee is booked into a jail or prison system.



VINE Offers:


Victims can check the status of an offender day or night to provide that extra peace of mind that comes with knowing a particular offender is incarcerated.

24/7 Victim Support

A team of dedicated operators assist victims with information or registration.

24/7 Technical Support

Our technicians have been extensively trained to assist you in administering your VINE service to the public, and are available around-the-clock to answer your questions.

Taxpayer Savings

Your VINE system will eliminate the need to manually notify victims of a change in an offender's status. This allows your agency staff to better focus on their core responsibilities.

Time Savings

VINE eliminates the need to have agency staff manually notify registrants of the change in offender status, and allows victims automated access to information eliminating the need for staff to answer the call load.

Free Public Access

VINE is provided free of charge to users.

Legislative Compliance

VINE satisfies most states' legislative requirements for victim notification.

Multiple Language Support

To ensure accessibility to the general public, VINE is available in multiple languages.

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VINE Components



Court Information

Automated court updates, notifications and changes for victims, advocates, court personnel and law enforcement.



Protective Order Status

Notifies petitioners when a protective order has been served and keeps them informed throughout the order process.



Case Management (CHOICE)

Allows multiple audiences to view, collect, and update victim and offender information and notifications.




A robust feedback, validation, and statistic gathering tool providing real-time, ongoing information.



Registration Linking

Accurately identifies and links offender registrations among multiple criminal justice agencies.


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"With CHOICE we are now offering victims the opportunity to also give us information, which is especially critical during the re-entry process. It helps victims feel like they are participating in that process and, more importantly, it gives us the opportunity to use their information to make better safety plans, which can keep them safer in the community."

Lydia Newlin
Director of Victim Services
Minnesota Department of Corrections


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