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Electronic authorization, filing and serving of warrants

eWarrants is an easy-to-use, streamlined electronic system for authorizing, filing and serving warrants.

By replacing the manual method of processing warrant information, this solution greatly increases the visibility and access to warrants, dramatically increasing the number of warrants that are actually served … thereby making communities safer by reducing the backlog of unserved warrants and apprehending alleged criminals more quickly.


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How eWarrants works

Requests for warrants, summons and subpoenas are submitted electronically to a secure, Web-based repository.

Clerks, prosecutors and judges are able to review and approve requests anywhere at anytime using a laptop or PDA.

Once a request is approved, the warrant
is instantly available to all law enforcement agencies in the state (the information is also
forwarded to the NCIC).

How eWarrants helps

Save time – Because the entire process is managed electronically, authorized parties are able to respond to requests much faster and law enforcement officers are able to serve the warrants more quickly.

Save money – Time is money and eWarrants saves significant time over the manual system of processing and serving warrants.

Improve efficiency – More warrants are served more quickly. The backlog of unserved warrants is reduced dramatically.

Improve safety – More warrants served means more criminals off the streets. Also, law enforcement officers gain instant access to
critical local warrant information.

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