Prescribing & Dispensing Confidence with PMP Analytics using NARxCHECK

NARxCHECK is a patented engine that analyzes controlled substance data from Prescription Monitoring Programs (PMPs) and provides easy-to-use insights into a patient’s controlled substance use.

Authorized prescribers and dispensers can easily access PMP data and NARxCHECK analytics right within their workflow and feel confident that they are utilizing objective insights to improve patient safety and identify and address potential drug misuse or abuse.


PDMP screenshots

Be more confident in prescribing and dispensing

NARxCHECK is a powerful analytics and data visualization engine that provides authorized users with seamless access to PMP information right inside your EHR (or Pharmacy Management System). It accesses and analyzes state PMP data and produces easy-to-understand metrics that show indicators of potential misuse/abuse.

Doctors and pharmacists now have an effective, efficient and insightful tool, available right inside their systems, to improve patient safety, ensure compliance and help curb prescription drug diversion. All without compromising efficiency.

NARxCHECK Testimonials

Bruce Jones, DO, FACEP

“Although Ohio has had a PMP for years, the web page has been cumbersome to navigate and difficult to interpret the results. Since the incorporation of NARxCHECK, those issues have been resolved, since it is able to generate a single number that quickly gives me a more accurate assessment of the patient’s opiate/sedative history. This number, coupled with the ease and speed of the web page, makes getting the information I need, instantaneous. As such, my colleagues and I use this program much more frequently; allowing us to deliver better care to our patients in the ED.”

Bruce G. Jones, DO, FACEP
Division Chief of Emergency Medicine
ED Medical Director, Doctors Hospital

NARXCHECK provides me with quick and easy access to a patient's prior narcotics history.

Physician, Emergency Medicine
Dayton, Ohio

[After] 25 years of trying to discern who truly needs an Rx for pain medication and who is trying to con me...

Physician, Emergency Medicine
Columbus, Ohio


The Case for NARxCHECK

A Practicitioner's View on the Case for Use of an EMR-integrated RX Drug Monitoring Program

The current prescription drug abuse epidemic is responsible for considerably more deaths than previous ones with mortality rates currently 4-5 times higher than the rates during the “black tar” heroin epidemic in the mid-1970’s and more than 3 times what they were during the peak years of crack cocaine epidemic of the 1990’s

Download the whitepaper by Shawn A. Ryan MD, MBA

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Mandates to Use State Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PMPs):

Implications for Health Care Providers

The growing trend of state laws mandating the use of PMP data while treating a patient, without effective integration of the data into electronic health records and pharmacy management systems makes compliance administratively burdensome and takes away valuable time from patient care.

Download the full whitepaper here:

NARxCHECK Score as a Predictor of Unintentional Overdose Death

NARxCHECK is an effective measurement tool to assess risk of unintentional overdose death. It is equivalent to a multi-variable Red-Flag approach while offering automated analysis and significant ease-of-use for clinicians to assess a patient's risk at a glance.

Download the full whitepaper here:

prescription score overview

Patient Score Review

Scores are found at the top of the report. These can cue a provider's awareness abuse in each category of controlled substance. Scores range from 000-999.

Higher scores equate to greater numbers of prescribers, pharmacies and milligram equivalents.

The last digit of the score is the number of active prescriptions (in this case, 2 narcotics, and 1 sedative). The graph to the right reveals where the patient's scores fall in relation to a group of nearly 6 million patients.

prescription monitoring program data analysis

Interactive Graph

This interactive graph represents patient's prescription history over the last 2 years. It helps users rapidly visualize and understand patterns of use and overlapping prescriptions.

The graph is fully interactive. Checked boxes show which controlled substances are viewable. Clicking and dragging on any portion of the graph will reveal prescription details.

RX provider list

PMP Rx Data

In the event a prescriber’s or dispenser’s concerns for addiction or possible overdose increase, the NARXCHECK system obtains and aggregates information from state PDMPs and organizes the details or raw data surrounding the providers; the pharmacies; the amount of drug equivalent units/days’ supply and currently active prescriptions allowing the details of prescription history to be shared as part of the report.