Access and analyze data from Prescription Monitoring Programs (PMPs) within prescriber and dispenser workflows.

PMP Gateway helps state PMPs accelerate their integration initiatives and increase utilization of the PMP data at the point-of-care.

With PMP Gateway, authorized prescribers and dispensers can devote more time to patient care and not worry about logging into a separate website for critical PMP information. Minutes saved through integration can now be applied to improving patient safety, mitigating drug diversion and ensuring compliance.

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Improve Patient Safety
through Integration of PMP Data at The Point-of-Care.

Appriss is the industry leader in helping State PMPs connect to EMRs and Pharmacy Management Systems.

PMP Gateway simplifies integration for state PMPs and for hospitals/pharmacies by providing a single point of access to critical PMP data. PMP Administrators can promote greater adoption of integrated access to PMP data without any additional systems work. Hospitals and pharmacies can deliver PMP data efficiently and effectively to clinicians by utilizing widely supported integration protocols to access PMP data.

  • No additional systems integration work to complete. PMP Gateway leverages your state PMP’s connection to PMP InterConnect.
  • No additional systems to learn or manage.
  • Rest assured that your data is being accessed only by authorized users. PMP Gateway enforces all the data access rules that are established by you in the PMP InterConnect console.
  • You know exactly who is accessing your data. You get complete transparency of all the transactions.
  • PMP Gateway supports multiple integration protocols so you can use the one that best suits your health IT system.
  • If you operate in multiple states (or need multi-state data), you can reduce the complexity of integration through a single point of access.
  • Automate compliance by making sure that PMP data is delivered to authorized users at the point-of-care.
  • Save time by getting PMP information right when you need it instead of having to go out of your workflow to separate systems.

Mandates to Use State Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PMPs):

Implications for Health Care Providers

The growing trend of state laws mandating the use of PMP data while treating a patient, without effective integration of the data into electronic health records and pharmacy management systems makes compliance administratively burdensome and takes away valuable time from patient care.

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