Fraud detection software for Medicaid, unemployment and entitlement programs.

RiskCheckNow prevents, detects and recovers more fraudulent entitlement payments than any other provider.

Billions of dollars in fraudulent entitlement benefits are paid out each year by state and federal agencies. Fast, accurate access to the right data can help your agency stay ahead of potential fraud and comply with state and federal laws.

Let's protect your agency from fraud

Incarceration impacts eligibility with nearly all public benefit programs. Fast, comprehensive and accurate incarceration data helps you stop entitlement fraud before it happens.

Stop cutting checks to ineligible recipients

Appriss’ data services can be customized and configured to fit the parameters that your state has mandated for benefit eligibility. Once the system is set in place, you no longer have to manually track down people, but further investigation may be required depending on state laws.

Appriss offers data services that will match against your benefit recipient data and let you know if a person has been incarcerated or is currently incarcerated so that your agency can consider whether the individual qualifies for payment. In addition, our data services can continue to monitor your recipients and send an alert if a recipient has been booked into jail.

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