Our comprehensive fraud detection and risk assessment solution, helps minimize losses and mitigate risk.

RiskCheckNow's automated notifications provide a proactive risk assessment for investigations by pinpointing potential illegal activity that puts your company’s revenues and assets at risk.

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Let's start minimizing your losses

Now, more than ever, businesses need to protect themselves from threats that may come from inside or outside the company.

Proactive Risk Assessment

RiskCheckNow provides a more proactive risk assessment tool through automated notifications of jail booking and release. You can be more proactive with your investigative process by pinpointing possible illegal activity that puts your company's revenues and assets at risk.


  1. Best coverage with more timely, accurate and unique booking data
  2. The most comprehensive and timely coverage of booking and incarceration data for the risk and analytics industry with better insight, answers and accuracy at a lower cost
  3. Most comprehensive booking data that is collected directly from jails in real-time

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