VINE automatically alerts you to offender custody status changes.

VINE (Victim Information Notification Everyday) helps keep communities safe and informed by providing crime victims access to information about offenders' custody status and notifying them about any changes in that status.

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VINE is a solution that lets victims of crime and other concerned citizens access timely and reliable information regarding offenders. It is offered free of charge to registrants, is anonymous, and features multiple language support.

VINE provides peace of mind

Peace of Mind

Victims can check the status of an offender day or night to provide that extra peace of mind that comes with knowing a particular offender is incarcerated.

around the clock support

24/7 Support

A team of dedicated operators are available around the clock to assist victims and administrators in all things regarding the VINE system.

VINE provides peace of mind

Everyone Benefits

VINE, available free to the public, will eliminate the need to manually notify victims, allowing agency staff to focus on their core responsibilities while allowing users to get timely information.

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Mary Byron

History of VINE

Mary had been raped, assaulted, and stalked by her former boyfriend in late 1993. He was arrested and jailed for these crimes, but someone posted his bail and he was released. There was no way for Mary to know.

On the evening of December 6, 1993, Mary sat in her car as it warmed up after leaving her job at the Mall St. Matthews. Her former boyfriend approached from the driver's side and fired seven bullets into her head and chest at point blank range, killing her. It was Mary's 21st birthday.

The community was stunned and outraged. County officials and engineers worked diligently to design a system that would let crime victims know whether their offenders are in jail, where they are held, and when they are released.

Exactly one year after Mary's murder, Jefferson County became the first community to institute automated telephone notification for crime victims and other concerned citizens. That system is VINE™ - Victim Information and Notification Everyday, now used in thousands of communities across the nation.

VINE Add-on Modules

Pre-crime awareness

When a crime is committed, no technology can replace the services or value of law enforcement and victim advocates. Our services are meant to aid law enforcement and victim advocates in empowering victims to gain as much control over the situation as possible.

We provide law enforcement, advocates and other victim agencies with materials to help educate victims about the services we provide and how to take advantage of the information and notifications we offer. We also have live operators around-the-clock to answer questions and assist victims in the registration process, and a dedicated training staff to inform law enforcement and agency staff how to effectively use the VINE system and its features.


Our victim service solutions are engineered to make your job easier. We understand that sometimes a suspect can be booked into a system and released only a short time later. This creates quite a demand for existing staff to manually notify victims and other involved parties that a release is taking place.

Our system automates this notification process and can alert numerous individuals simultaneously, reducing your workload and increasing your efficiency. Victims and advocates want immediate access to information regarding offenders. Provide it to them, and make your job easier in the process.

Trial/court processing

For victims, court processes and procedures can be confusing. Ease their minds with automated notifications to keep them informed about upcoming hearing locations, times, court information and more.

This victim service solution is also a powerful tool that can remind court staff, personnel and law enforcement officers of upcoming court appearances. Reduce the number of "no-shows" and increase victim confidence in your judicial process with this vital service.


Provide victims and agency staff with continuous access to vital information regarding offenders and their custody status. This service is available day or night, around-the-clock to provide extra peace of mind to victims that a particular offender remains in custody.


Days, months and years can pass between an offender's incarceration and release. Be sure that victims in your communities are informed immediately when an offender is released back into the public.

Supervising officers can also be informed if a parolee is booked into a jail or prison system.